The present document lists the rules and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, applicable to all visitors, users and registered users (jointly the "Users") of BITCLUBADVANTAGE, accessed through the electronic address: www.bitclub.com

The use of BITCLUBADVANTAGE implies knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the conditions set forth herein. THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERM OF SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE TO THE USE OF BITCLUBADVANTAGE, AND OF ITS SERVICES.


1.1- A member can only register at BITCLUBADVANTAGE when in full legal capacity for hiring the services provided by the company, with all its rights, duties and obligations. Services must not be provided to people without such legal capacity, such as minors.

1.2.- Users, when filling in the registration form, must provide only accurate and true information, making a commitment to update personal data whenever any changes occur.

1.3- Users declare they are aware that BITCLUBADVANTAGE is responsible for the sale of courses by the company 8trader, through vouchers to access the course’s content.

1.4- Users declare knowledge that the content of the courses, teaching material, access, quality, maintenance of the platform, and other activities and actions that are linked to the full use of the courses offered, are the responsibility of the company 8trader. BITCLUBADVANTAGE is solely responsible for mediating and facilitating user communication channels with the provider of the 8trader courses;

1.5- In case there is any difficulty in accessing the content, either due to problems in the platform or even problems with the access voucher, the user will first contact the technical support of BITCLUBADVANTAGE, and second the support of 8trader, with proof of payment, to complete the access procedures.

1.6- Users declare that money transfers from any investments, revenues, debentures and / or other financial results that they may receive are acts of liberality of the company BITCLUBADVANTAGE. These transactions may be interrupted or suspended at any time, without prejudice of what has been defined as the main object of service provision, which is the acquisition of the Course by the Buyer.

1.7- BITCLUBADVANTAGE is not responsible for the correction of personal data entered by its Users, and reserves itself the right to request additional data and documents that are necessary to identify Users.

1.8- If registrations with incorrect or false data are identified, BITCLUBADVANTAGE can rescind membership imediatly.

1.9- The User will access his account through a unique login and password, making a commitment of holding this data confidential and not passing it on to third parties. Any misuse of personal login and password data is of the sole responsibility of the User.

1.10- The User must inform BITCLUBADVANTAGE immediately of any unauthorized use of their account. Users are responsible for the use of programs and software that protect them against Internet hackers.

1.11- Under no circumstances will the sale, concession, rent or other transfer of account be allowed.


2.1. The use of any device, software or other resource that interferes with the activities and operations of BITCLUBADVANTAGE (its pages, accounts or databases) is not allowed. Any interference, attempt of disrruption, or activity that violates or infringes on the intellectual property laws and / or prohibitions established in this Term of Service shall render the person responsible liable for any legal actions or compensation for any damages caused.

2.2. BITCLUBADVANTAGE may, temporarily or permanently, warn, suspend or cancel a User's account at any time, and initiate legal action if (i) User fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Term of Service or applicable legislation, or (ii) If any action by the User has caused or could cause any harm to third parties or BITCLUBADVANTAGE.

2.3. In view of the impossibility of the full and uninterrupted operation of any telecommunication or information technology system, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, BITCLUBVANTAGE does not guarantee, in any way, the availability of the service in an uninterrupted and / or problem-free manner. The availability of the services described in this Terms of Service are also dependent on telecommunication services provided by third parties, therefore the company cannot be held responsible for any eventual disrruption.

2.4. This Term of Service does not generate any partnership agreement, mandate, franchise or employment relationship between BITCLUBADVANTAGE and the User.

2.5. BITCLUBADVANTAGE shall not be liable for any damage, harm or loss in User equipment caused by system, server or internet failures arising from third-party conduct. BITCLUBADVANTAGE shall not be liable for any virus that may attack User equipment as a result of access, use or navigation on the Internet website; Or as a consequence of the transfer of data, files, images, texts or audio. Users may not assign to BITCLUBADVANTAGE any liability nor require payment for loss of profit due to damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or the internet.

2.6. The company website may link to other websites on the network, which does not mean that these sites are owned or operated by BITCLUBADVANTAGE. BITCLUBADVANTAGE shall not be responsible for the content, practices and services offered therein. The presence of links to other sites does not imply a partnership, supervisory, complicity or solidarity relationship of BITCLUBADVANTAGE with these websites and their contents.


2.8. BITCLUBVANTAGE recommends that Users exercise caution, care and common sense in the negotiations they establish with other Users, derived from offers presented on the site, as they would in any other business deals.


3.1 The commercial use of the expression "BITCLUB" as a trademark, business name or domain name is the exclusive property of BITCLUBADVANTAGE and is protected by international copyright laws, regarding trademarks, patents, designs and industrial designs. The contents of the screens relating to the BITCLUBADVANTAGE services, as well as programs, databases, networks and files that allow the User to access and use their account are also owned by BITCLUBADVANTAGE and protected by law. The improper use and the total or partial reproduction of said contents are prohibited, except with the previous authorization of BITCLUBADVANTAGE.

3.2. Users authorize BITCLUBADVANTAGE to collect and store data, such as their name, address, personal document number, and email address. BITCLUBADVANTAGE may use such data as necessary for full compliance with this Term of Service.

3.3. BITCLUBADVANTAGE may use cookies on different parts of the website to make Users' visits more attractive and enable certain functions to be used. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User's computer. Most Cookies used by BITCLUBADVANTAGE will be erased from the hard disk automatically when the User closes their browser session (called session cookies). Other types of cookies will remain on the User's computer and will allow the identification of said computer at the next visit to the website (called permanent cookies).

3.4. BITCLUBADVANTAGE uses different third-party tracking systems. The information generated from the cookies, regarding the use of the website (including the IP address), will be transmitted to and stored at a server. BITCLUBADVANTAGE will use this information to analyze the use of the website, therefore generating reports to website operators. These may include the provision of other services linked to customer’s use of the website and the internet. BITCLUBADVANTAGE will also transmit this information to third parties, if it is required by law or in case BITCLUBADVANTAGE orders the third party to processes this data. BITCLUBVANTAGE will not bind the IP address to other data.

3.5. The User can prevent the installation of cookies by adjusting the settings in their browser. In this case the website will not operate with all its functions.

3.6. By using the website, the User agrees to the processing of the data collected by BITCLUBADVANTAGE in the form and purpose described above, and authorizes the use and processing of its data for advertising purposes (e-mail, newsletter, etc.).

3.7. BITCLUBADVANTAGE may transmit data from the Users to third parties, if this is necessary to comply with legal regulations, such as in the case of transmission of data to authorities of criminal prosecution and inspection for the purpose of defending public safety hazards.

3.8. In accordance with data protection laws, Users may request free information about their stored data and possibly request its correction, blocking or deletion.

3.9. BITCLUBADVANTAGE will take all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of the Users' data, but will not be liable for damages that may be derived from the violation of these measures by third parties using public networks or the Internet, subverting the security systems to access User information.

3.10. BITCLUBADVANTAGE materials may be accessed, used and printed for Users' personal and non-commercial use. Users may not copy, modify, create derivative works, transfer or sell any information, software, User list and other lists, Products or services obtained on BITCLUBVANTAGE for commercial purposes.

3.11. Users may not alter, erase or corrupt data and information of other Users or third parties, nor violate their privacy.


4.1. The User shall compensate BITCLUBADVANTAGE, its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, administrators, employees and representatives for any claims made by other Users or third parties arising from User’s activities related to the website.

4.2. BITCLUBADVANTAGE may change, alter and / or adjust this Agreement at any time and such changes, alterations and / or adjustments shall be effective and immediate as soon as they become public. To this end, User shall review the terms of service from time to time, since User's access to or continued use of the website is subject to and implies acceptance of the current Term.


5.1. All items in this Terms of Service are governed by the laws in force in the host country of BITCLUBADVANTAGE, the Republic of Seychelles, as ratified by treaties and international legislation, pertinent to INTERNET rights. For all matters relating to its interpretation and compliance, the parties shall submit to INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION that serves the interests of all parties involved in a possible conflict of interests requiring the intervention of a third party hired for this purpose, or of the competent authorities. The exception to this rule are claims submitted by Users that fall within the legal concept of consumers, which may be submitted to the local jurisdiction of the User’s place of residence.